Kiwanis Work Schedule for Festival of Lights 12/11/21

Friday Sat. 4-6:00
Be there at 3:00
Sat. 6:00 - 9 Sat. Cleanup 9- Note
Order taker/cashier Roger Roger non-food handler
Order taker/cashier Pat Pat non-food handler
Hot Chocolate Barry Barry food handler
Order delivery Mike Mike food handler
Order delivery Phil Don H food handler
Sanitizer Ron B Phil food handler
Cook Garrett Dick food handler
Cook Don V Don V food handler
Setup/cleanup   Phil, Garrett
Setup/cleanup   Dick, Mike
Onion slicer Phil & Don V
Note: 1.
         2. We need at least two large barbecue units.
         3. 40lb of onions need to be sliced.
         4. Need to fill orange container with hand wash water.
         5. Need $10 quarters, $100 ones, $200 fives change.
         6. first shift should arrive one hour early.
         7. Food, barbecues, ice should be there 2 hour early.
         8. Need to clean trailer the day before fol.
         9. Large cooler for meat. Small coolers for pop.
        10. Need to start with 8 bags of ice.
        11. Post this schedule, roster and Temp food service permit.
        12. Develope some sort of order form.
        13. Make 2 signs "order Here" for trailer. 1 sign "Pickup order here" for barbecue area.
        14. Have two order lines at trailer.
Not available:
Mike M